book with PPJTours to visit Reggae sumfest montego bay jamaica

Reggae Sumfest Montego Bay Jamaica


book with PPJTours to visit Reggae sumfest montego bay jamaica

book with PPJTours to visit Reggae sumfest montego bay jamaica

You can now book Paradise Palms Jamaica Tours and Paradise Palms Jamaica Villa for your transportation services and accommodation respectively when you fly down to the Reggae Sumfest, dubbed the greatest Reggae Festival on earth. The show is scheduled to be held at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Center in Montego Bay Jamaica in July 2014. 

Reggae Sumfest Montego Bay Jamaica will be kicking off with a Beach Reggae Party at Aqua Sol Theme Park and then it continues at the Entertainment Center.

Each year a lot of visitors book up and  come down to Jamaica to be entertained by some of Jamaica’s greatest entertainers at this amazing show.

According to the Jamaica Tourist Board, Reggae Festivals are a huge foreign exchange income source for Jamaica and the business people in Montego Bay do not want to lose out on the extra income that was generated from the festival.

What usually happen is that before the Reggae Sunsplash started, some hotels would close down during the summer months, but when the festival began they would be over booked and I heard that some visitors would literally have to sleep on the nearby beaches in the days after they had partied all night

The promoter of Reggae Sumfest also invited foreign artists to perform at the festival every year as well, this so that there is a wider variety and flavour of music genre. Music lovers will have all the great music they need in one place. Whether you are single, with a partner or friends, the atmosphere is usually electrifying because the artists are often so full of energy.

At Reggae Sumfest you will be entertained by new comers Reggae artists as well seasoned and vintage performers who normally “nash up de place”. Some artiste bring their dancers so you’ll be able to see practice and participate some of the latest trends in Reggae dance moves.

The food and drinks at Reggae Sumfest is also usually very good (jerks and curries and rum and beers).